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Here’s a list of great websites for getting ideas for kids -  activities, parties, food and lots of other things.

Website Address

Summary of website

Learning and play go hand and hand for kids. Harness that play with great art and craft supplies, science "toys", puzzles with words, shapes, and numbers and lots more cool stuff for kids who love to play and learn.

Craft projects for kids.

Fun and exciting ideas for planning kid's birthday parties. The dinosaur party includes ideas for making a volcano birthday cake, having children explore a simulated cave and playing games like fossil dig and triceratops toss.

The author of this website has researched and published links to many websites offering "free stuff" and contests for children.

Sponsored by Disney, Family Fun offers great ideas for educational and fun family activities.

Sponsored by the Food and Drug Administration, this website contains fun games for children such as Food Safety Quiz and All About Animals. Don't miss playing with Yorick the Bionic Skeleton.

Find the rules to all those great backyard games you used to play as kids. Includes rules for red light/green light, ghost in the graveyard as well as many rhymes for jumping rope.

Discover the Musical Mouseum with almost two thousand kids' song lyrics – with free downloads of music too!!

This website contains healthful eating and physical activity tips for kids and parents.

Family travel tips, birthday party ideas, crafts for kids, family activities are just some of the things you can find out about on this website.

This website is sponsored by the American Symphony Orchestra League and gives lots of information that will help your children learn to enjoy classical music.

This website contains lots of crafts, fun & nutritional recipes, book reviews, coloring pages – you name it and it’s probably on this site.

Lets you and your children design and send free e-cards for holidays, birthdays and other special occasions. Suggestion by Amy for "Classic Children Songs".  Since this is an html page  - you will need to copy and past the link into the browser to work.